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Lumley Jacobs are the leading insurance customer engagement and non-risk income specialists with a proven track record for increasing insurance providers’ profitability.

Achieved through partnering with insurance providers to identify and implement customer engagement solutions that improve acquisition and retention alongside building incremental revenue. We are passionate about changing the way the insurance industry engages with its customers and the way its customers think about their insurance provider.

Lumley Jacobs provide a unique end-to-end service:

  • Listens and establishes business needs
  • Advises solutions
  • Identifies appropriate products and services
  • Utilises its buying power in supplier negotiations
  • Provides a single portal for supplier management and fulfilment
  • Improves acquisition and retention rates through ongoing sales coaching and interaction
  • Establishes policyholder needs and wants through intelligent data analysis
  • Analysis of all insurance and non-insurance add-ons and value adds
  • Ongoing product development

Lumleys have been leading innovation in the insurance sector since 1902.