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Our History

Lumleys is one of the oldest family run insurance businesses and has innovated successfully in the insurance sector globally for over a century. Lumley Jacobs was born in 2003 out of the history of innovation that is core to the Lumleys Insurance Group.

Lumleys’ history is full of identifying new insurance opportunities and being bold to lead change. Since 1902, Lumleys has innovated around the globe:

  • As brokers, with 112 offices worldwide
  • As insurers, Lumleys were one of the largest and most profitable insurers in both Australia and New Zealand with over $1 billion GWP
  • As third party administrators
  • As developers of niche insurance businesses
  • As insurance investor partners
  • As the leading experts in improving insurance provideracquisition, retention and non-risk income

Lumleys and Lumley Jacobs have a well-established track record for firsts


  • The first UK insurance company into Australia with a Lloyds binding authority
  • The first to create and sell motor warranties to UK motor traders
  • The first let property insurance provider to letting agents and brokers
  • The first tenant assessment service

Lumley Jacobs

  • The first to incorporate forensic coding within an insurance policy
  • The first to deliver digital customer engagement strategies within UK insurance companies