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Our Management Team

Robert Lumley, Chairman

Robert Lumley


Robert is chairman of Lumley Jacobs. A member of the Lumley Insurance Group, he is an entrepreneur and insurance professional who pioneered rent and legal protection, tenant referencing and legal expenses in the UK.

Robert is a staunch advocate of the saying: “there’s no such thing as can’t,” in fact, there is nothing he likes more than proving naysayers wrong by finding answers to seemingly intractable problems.

If he’s not in England he can usually be run to ground in Meribel, where he escapes, when workload allows, to indulge in another of his passions, skiing.

Hugo Jacobs, Director

Hugo Jacobs


Hugo has been managing director of Lumley Jacobs since 2004. He has previously worked in investment banking and investment management. He left financial services to take the entrepreneurial route and started up a manufacturing business specialising in laser non-contact replication. The business created a range of products and sculptures for museums, hotels and the interior design market. Having sold that business in 2003, Robert approached Hugo to help turn his vision into reality as he particularly wanted someone dynamic with no preconceptions about the insurance market.

He is an avid sportsman and would-be adventurer with a penchant for real tennis and shooting. He believes that we spend far too much time working, so he’s a strong proponent of the maxim that work should be good fun as well as rewarding.

Tony Trueman, Managing Director

Tony Trueman

Managing Director

Chartered accountant and experienced finance professional, having held senior board roles across the insurance sector. Tony lived in Africa until his 30s and returned to his roots in 1994. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and insurance both in management and M&A activity.

He is a keen sportsman and is actively involved in tennis, golf and running (all over the place for Hugo generally!).

Tony is actively involved in the management of a number of Lumley-owned businesses and investments.

Lucian Snow, Managing Partner (Lumley Jacobs – North America)

Lucian Snow

Managing Partner (Lumley Jacobs – North America)

Lucian is leading Lumley Jacobs’ North American operations. His 25 years of investment banking experience has honed his ability to identify, develop and implement partnership programs and strategies (prior directorships include JP Morgan, Dresdner Kleinwort & UBS). In advancing Lumley Jacobs’ engagement model into North America, Lucian is now applying his marketing, research and client management skills to the insurance sector.

Lucian is on the Leadership Council of Oxfam America. He is a board member of the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) and a Nordic ski coach to the 13 year old and under crowd. He enjoys fly fishing, ultimate frisbee (you may well ask…) and skiing.