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Tailored Innovation

‘Tailored’ is designing solutions that meet our partner clients’ needs.

‘Innovation’ is about focusing on what it takes to make a positive difference to your results.

Each insurance business has differing needs because innovation should be driven by business strategy. A “one size fits all” does not work in the insurance sector. The first step is to listen to the key people – those who ultimately ensure that the business gets full benefit from the resulting activity. This enables Lumley Jacobs to develop the right programme for your needs.

Improved profitability is achieved through improving acquisition and retention. Adding value and utilising appropriate add-ons build client affinity and generates incremental non-risk income.

Non-risk income is achieved by improving your customers’ lives through providing products and services that they need or want and also through saving their time and money.

We aim to have your customers saying “and they even...” about your business. This means that the insurance is not in question – it must be excellent because “…they even include XYZ within their policy”.

Below are just a few examples of ‘Tailored Innovation’ which demonstrates the diversity of products and services we have utilised that have made a positive difference to profitability.