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Additional Services

Insurance add-ons and value adds

There are many providers of insurance add-on and value-add products and services. Lumley Jacobs advise on the most appropriate supplier that meets our partner client objectives.

We can advise on a wide range of add-on products and services including:

  • Home: Brown and White Goods, Gadget, Handbag (all risks), Home Emergency, ID Theft, Legal Expenses.
  • Motor: Breakdown, Excess Protection, GAP, Helmet and Leathers, Legal Expenses, Misfuelling, Substitute Vehicle Cover (in the event of total loss), Tools in Transit, Uninsured Driver, Windscreen Referral.

Achieving the objective

Using Lumley Jacobs saves time and resource – we research all options and manage the supplier and reduces cost by utilising our buying power.

Lead Trading

Maximising profitability by monetising declined or failed quotes and/or purchasing accurately profiled, active customer data.

Achieving the objective

Monetise your waste paper basket and access profiled, timely telephone leads.

Cost Management

This service focuses on reducing non-core costs that can be easily over looked and can amount to sizable sums. These costs range from utilities (gas, electric, water and bill validation), telecoms (landlines and mobiles), foreign exchange transactions, photocopying contracts, postage, stationary, boiler management systems and many more.

Achieving the objective

We will reduce your non-core costs and are remunerated from your savings i.e. there is no cost, just savings (on average 14%).

Sales Fulfilment

Partner Clients wanting to maximise income from their customers and are not set up to do it themselves can utilise our sales fulfilment service.

Achieving the objective

We have experienced, motivated and professional inbound and outbound sales teams who are adept at finding the optimum approach to achieving results. The service covers everything from handling overflow to selling add-ons services.

Our understanding of our partner clients means we:

  • Establish the most appropriate product for your customer base
  • Create the sales and marketing message
  • Conduct email campaigns
  • Design the sales script for your customer
  • Identify the best time and day for calling based on customer availability
  • Clean the database
  • Report weekly