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DNA+ Forensic Coding

Client challenge: Increase brand awareness, reduce theft frequency and improve acquisition and retention.

Lumley Jacobs solution: DNA+ Forensic Coding – an insurer branded DNA+ forensic coding pack is sent to customers on behalf of their insurance provider.

DNA+ Forensic Coding is a theft deterrent and a more assured support for repatriation of lost and stolen property. DNA provides irrefutable evidence in courts which secures convictions. Forensic evidence heightens a criminal’s anxiety because of the irrefutable evidence of ownership.

The business case for inclusion is not based on theft frequency reduction as theft in many books is not a problem. This product provides a low cost, high value, brand building tangible differentiator that customers ‘value’ because theft is considered as being one of the main reasons for taking out insurance.

Lumley Jacobs are the largest buyers of forensic coding in the insurance market. Our buying power means we achieves best costs.

Achieving the objective

Acquisition through differentiation

Customers receive a tangible pro-active risk mitigation tool that they value.


Forensic systems have a high retail cost. Highlighting the RRP at renewal acts as another consideration other than cost.


There is a greater public appetite to read about criminals being caught and convicted than reading about insurance. Forensic coding inclusion enables insurance providers to achieve positive PR through wrapping insurance around a subject people like to read about.

Increasing brand awareness

All warning signage is white-labelled to the insurance provider. This increases brand awareness as the insurance providers brand is seen on their customers insured property.

Claims frequency

Forensic coding is proven to reduce frequency of theft claims (n.b. secondary objective – not accounted for within the ‘cost benefit analysis’).