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E-commerce Platform

Client challenge: Help customers to satisfy their risk management requirements and generate non-risk income.

Lumley Jacobs solution: Insurance provider branded online shop.

Lumley Jacobs leverages its buying power to source an expansive range of products and services at discounted costs. We select the most appropriate suppliers for your customers’ needs. Each online shop is tailored and branded to the insurance provider’s requirements.

In addition to choosing from an extensive range of Lumley Jacobs discounted products and services, you can include your own preferred suppliers. This enables insurance providers to leverage their own resources, target consumers at the right time, through their preferred channel with the right message.

Achieving the objective
Makes it easy and more cost effective for customers to satisfy their risk management requirements and recommendations.
Reduces claim disputes as risk management requirements are more likely to get implemented.
Provides customers with a service that saves time and money – a positive differentiator.
Insurance provider messaging at all touch points – every touch is a positive brand experience.
Non-risk income is generated for the insurance provider.