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Engagement Programs

Client challenge: Build customer affinity, retention and enable non-risk income.

Lumley Jacobs solution: Branded direct marketing programs.

An end-to-end customer communication and fulfilment service that engages with your customers and provides products and services at discounted prices.

This forms part of a net promoter system we provide – promoters recommend to their friends and colleagues – a powerful extension to your sales force.

Our data scientists analyse your customer data enabling us to provide a ‘rifle shot’ service.

This wide ranging end-to-end service includes:

  • Evaluating your customer data to establish needs and wants.
  • Leveraging Lumley Jacobs buying power to source and create offers at costs that could not be achieved by an individual customer.
  • Managing the supplier network and providing insurer branding at all touch points.
  • Working closely with marketing teams to improve the messaging.
  • Running the email and online communication and online purchasing, returns etc.
  • Providing and facilitating a widely diverse range of products and events.
Achieving the objective
An engagement service builds customer affinity which assists retention and provides non-risk income.
Another consideration to premium price is created because as a customer of yours, they achieved £x savings on non-risk products presented as a premium price saving.
The service builds promoters. Customers who are promoters are more profitable, stay longer and buy more.