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Property Help

Client challenge: Pro-active risk mitigation and added value.

Lumley Jacobs solution: Property Help

A unique helpline service that provides independent and objective diagnosis, advice and solutions for all aspects of property repair, restoration, maintenance and improvement.

A service that focuses on the protection and improvement of the integrity of the property.

As well as providing property advice, there is a system for proactive customer engagement which helps customers’ maintain and improve their home.

In addition:

  • Tradesman assistance – checking customer quotes to ensure that they are paying the correct amount.
  • A “do it for me service” – prefixed customer prices for standard everyday maintenance tasks.
  • Home guardian – a pro-active property home health check.
  • Home project – service for capital projects: major maintenance, repair or alteration. Provides support for the four keys stages (feasibility study, statutory application and project planning, procurement and site project management). Access to experienced surveyors is costly. Through amortising the cost and embedding with the proposition, the cost is more easily absorbed.
Achieving the objective
A differentiating, pro-active “before the horse has bolted” service that is valued by customers and benefits insurers.