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SME Disaster Recovery

Client challenge: Increased retention, enhanced client affinity and reduction in business interruption claims.

Lumley Jacobs solution: Disaster Recovery (DR) business continuity service.

SME Disaster Recovery is a service which provides emergency, physical disaster recovery for both premises and IT. Smaller businesses typically cannot afford traditional disaster recovery companies, meaning they find it difficult and expensive to comply with regulation and respond positively to tender documents.

The following is delivered within 24-hours from receiving recovery instructions:

  • Accommodation in one of 500+ fully furnished standby office locations nationally including meeting rooms, reception facilities and secretarial services.
  • Delivery, commissioning and installation of a standby PC network.
  • Broadband connection to internet services re-established.
  • Reinstatement of client’s own domain email service.
  • Unlimited access to disaster recovery planning software BRIO (Business Recovery Information Online).
  • Ability for you to brand the associated multi-platform BRIO app.
  • Reinstatement of data or general support for client data backup.
  • Provision of online data backup services (optional).
  • Provision of call centre to handle high call volumes and/or redirection of telephone lines to the recovery location (optional).
Achieving the objective

Improving the claims experience

Customers receive immediate service when they need it most.


Customers who base their business preparedness upon the service are more reluctant to change to carriers who do not offer disaster recovery.

Reducing business interruption claims

Because customers are back in business so quickly, business interruption claims are reduced by as much as 70%.

Increasing brand awareness

The BRIO app is a branding opportunity that allows corporate values to inhabit the customers business culture.