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Technology Help

Client challenge: Improve customer engagement, communication, cross-selling and non-risk income.

Lumley Jacobs solution: Technology Help – consumer connected technology for personal lines and SME customers.

People now spend approximately 47% of their lives looking at a technological device of one sort or other i.e. PC, smartphone, tablet, games console, digital TV etc. People have IT problems and need help.

Technology Help is a white-labelled app for your customers, easily downloaded onto their technological devices, providing 24/7 technological assistance.

When your customer has an IT problem, they click on the insurance provider branded icon or call. This interactive engagement platform provides a positive customer experience which creates ‘consumer pull’ and results in improved customer affinity and cross-selling opportunities.

Technology Help can be offered via different economic models (inclusion and sold as an add on).

Achieving the objective
Provides a positive experience in addition to economically getting your brand in front of customers.
Provides a portal for two way communications and increases touch points, enabling insurance providers to build customer affinity and cross-sell.
Proven to be a useful tool in the acquisition of new business and the retention of existing customers.
Can provide additional, non-risk income.